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Corporate Interior
One thing that has been Flipped on its head is the conventional layout of workplaces. The objective here should be to create an environment where employees may work together, but yet have the privacy they need to do their own tasks. The goal, of course, is for teams to be able to function effectively, naturally, and Fluidly without needing too much room. People are more likely to be productive and creative when given the freedom to roam about while still focusing on their assigned responsibilities, which is why it’s important to provide them with sufficient support spaces and a diversity of working settings. Our design ethos is based on the following principles: Figuring out what people will be doing and then providing them with suitable furniture; * strategically placing lounge areas for teamwork; * providing private spaces for individuals to work on individual projects; * providing desks for peak or busy office hours When planning an office layout, ergonomics should take precedence above anything else. In order to perform at their highest level, workers who put in eight to ten hours a day shouldn’t experience any discomfort in their eyes, limbs, or back. We choose out ergonomically sound furniture and fixtures, accessories, and lighting. Only if there are enough storage places, both in terms of design and placement, will the workstations stay clean and organized. A great place to work would be an offce that maintains its appearance of order throughout the day. To make it sustainable and to generate signifcant savings on energy costs, we work closely with the HVAC team to guarantee optimal coordination and to alter the design features if needed appropriately.


An office is an integral part of each employee who works there. The office interiors should be such that the workspace continually adapts to business and human needs while inspiring the people at their work. Therefore we work by complementing spaces, creating places and solving the workspace puzzle to make your space work for you. We, being the best interior designers in PUNE with decades of experience lead us to better understanding the needs of our client. Our creative team of dedicated designers, who focuses on the questions rather than the answers to the questions, would transform your workspace from emptiness to effect. We, at Orange Interiors design office Interiors, to create complementing spaces for the collaborative place.

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