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Modular Kitchen 

Modular kitchen is close to our heart as we entered the interior design arena with this segment later expanding to full- edged ID services rm. We’ve been creating beautiful yet amazingly functional kitchens for years, so we know what it takes to get the job done right. Be it offering numerous options of latest and trending superior m a t e r i a l s a n d  n i s h , e x p e r t workmanship, and meticulous attention to detail, our expert team at Dhumal Interiors , inspects each kitchen from start to nish, from the arrival of materials to the tting of the last cabinet that too strictly sticking to agreed schedule. Over the years, we’ve netuned our quality management system t o a s s u r e c omp l e t e c u s t ome r satisfaction and prompt, hasselfree after sales support.

Find out numerous choices of modern kitchens:

Modular Kitchen with Acrylic cabinets

This Modular Kitchen design is highly preferred by every customer as they can find everything with a structured arrangement like Kitchen cabinets, trolleys and tabletops which are arrayed along one wall within a single layout and these are specifically applicable for small spaces and it is available in various specifications. Acrylic Finish kitchen can give perfect outcome for our Kitchen cabinets, as it provides brightness and glossy-look. The main advantage of having Acrylic Finish is mainly for its easy maintenance, exceptional finishing, outlast durability and scratch resistance.

 L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

It differs from other types of kitchen cabinets as it has its uniqueness of having the most adaptable layout, but this layout does not rely on one wall. So here we can have plenty of trolleys, drawers, storage space and countertop as it flawlessly gives us airy spacious feel and above all increases the overall appearance of your kitchen. L-shaped kitchen type is one of the modern kitchen types that gives enough space. It allows the kitchen items to be kept in the right angled design and gives you a spacious area in the center. Our TEAM will make it perfect by installing short or long right angled designs that suit your kitchen space.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Well, this one particular type of Modular Kitchen  layout has many advantages. If your kitchen space is large enough, then this is the ideal choice for you. As this specific kitchen format allows one to have an excess amount of storage space, trolleys than any other shaped kitchens and cooking, preparation will be at ease as it has vast space and even a small eating area can be designed at one end. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning and maintenance because this kitchen is adjoined with three sidewalls.

Parallel Modular Kitchen

We at Dhumal Furniture & Interior  are guaranteed for this perfect parallel Modular Kitchen  as we have our best Interior designers to look out for the perfection. Here compared with other Modular kitchens this fit easily in a lengthy space and working in this parallel kitchen makes people feel more comfortable. As it has parallel countertops and so that work can be easily split at long working areas will look like facing each other.

Island Modular Kitchen

In this modernized world this type of kitchen is highly in demand by many customers and as per their request we designed many Island Modular kitchen which can be viewed at our site gallery, because of its modern looks and elegant type and this can be adapted to any surrounding and size, which is why the demand is more for Island Modular Kitchen. Here many people think it suits a luxury kitchen, but the thing is it makes your kitchen look luxurious. More than its looks, it is safe, you can identify the kitchen appliances effortlessly and also you can keep an eye on your kids in this large spacious island modular kitchen. Our Team will make your kitchen more classy with this modern design.


Whatever be the style of modular kitchen design you choose, we make sure that our professional Interior Designers Team customize those designs for you and also add a bit of extra style that adds to the overall elegance of your beautiful kitchen. We make sure each and every detail is in the place for a perfectly stunning modular kitchen.

We curate ideas from top sources to ensure that we deliver the best modular kitchen that you could possibly dream of. Our professional team of Best Interior Designers in Pune completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen, providing you with a beautiful modular kitchen which is stylish and comfortable.



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